5 Ideas for Stimulating Baby in the Womb and Beyond

1.      Read, talk to baby in the womb

2.      Sing a familiar song/rhyme to baby in the womb

3.      Stroke, massage your bump

4.     Shine a torch

5.      Ring a bell

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In the womb baby can hear from 16 weeks gestation. Amazing I know. They can hear the voices of the people around them and quickly recognise and link the voice to the face when they are born.

I remember during my first pregnancy when baby was around 30 weeks, I went to see a local band, which were very good, but also very loud. Baby (Gary) moved constantly during the first song, in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. I might be wrong, but it appeared that he was over stimulated and upset. I left the venue not long after that.

It is important to keep this in mind, baby can be over stimulated. However, it is important to stimulate baby in the womb. Baby is very sensory aware in the womb and beyond. They can hear from 16 weeks, they have feelings, and can pick up on stress. They hear mums heart beating, for this reason, it is important to keep them close after they are born. The sound of a heart beat helps baby feel safe and secure. Equally, patting then on their back or bottom reminds them of the feel and sound of mums heart when they were in the womb. This gives then reassurance and helps to calm them when they become unsettled, for whatever reason. Baby can also hear tummy rumbles and blood rushing through your body. Making a sssshhhh sound when they are born, resembles the same sound, again giving them reassurance and helping to calm them.

Check out this video link:  https://youtu.be/QoQ-Iy5Jwog

They feel your touch through the walls of the womb, again this gives them reassurance. This is the beginning of the bonding process. All expecting mums stroke their tummy during pregnancy, whether they are aware of it or not. Baby enjoys being stroked and massaged, both in the womb and beyond. This is great for mum and baby. This is a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy, time to communicate and get know your baby, while bonding. Pop some lullaby music on in the background, talk, read, and sing, to baby. I suggest singing a familiar nursery rhyme, such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or maybe a family traditional rhyme. Something that you can continue to sing after baby is born. Baby will remember this. It will remind them of being in womb where it was cosy, warm, where all their needs were met. 

From around 20 week’s baby can see in the womb, they are aware of light. I guess it’s a bit like being under water and seeing the light at the surface. Use a torch to stimulate baby in the womb. Watch baby move and follow the light as you move the torch across your bump. 

Ringing a small bell gentle beside your bump will stimulate baby to move, if they are awake and not too tired. This is a great way to interact with baby before they are born. 

When baby is born, they rely on their senses to survive and to find out about the world. The most important smell to baby at this time is that of the people closest to them. No need for perfumed lotions, potions or cream. They only mask the important scent of the people who care for and look after baby’s needs.

No need to be quiet around baby, voices and familiar sounds provide reassurance and baby is less likely to be startled by sudden sounds.

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