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Autism Friendly Fidget Toys

Autism Friendly Fidget Toys

Autism Friendly Fidget Toys We make bespoke sensory treasure packs filled with Autism Friendly Fidget Toys. These packs can either be ordered in a basket, which is fabulous for dipping in to and keeping everything tidy.  In addition, why not try our bags? Our...

Heuristic Play

Heuristic Play

Heuristic Play: What does this mean? Some of you might or might not remember this! When you were a child, did you: collect twigs, bottle tops, shells, jar lids, feathers, leaves, fir cones etc make perfume using flower petals dig using twigs, card etc make sounds...

How Time Goes By!

Crikey! It doesn't seem like over 30 years since the arrival of our first born, then second and third! I guess when you are absorbed in the day to day routines you don't have time to stop and think! Our daughter, who is also in her 30's was taking an exam the other...


Communication is key for all learning from birth   People, parents in particular often ask me,.. 'What can I do to help?'      Talking to baby in the womb is a great place to start. Baby can hear from 16 weeks in the womb. They hear the voices of the people...

Learning Styles

Learning Styles

Do you know your learning style? Visual............... Auditory...............Kinaesthetic  VAK his wasn't something that I was aware of when I was at school. It certainly would have made learning easier had it been acknowledged all those years ago! Anyway, this is...

What’s Happening in February?……..

What's Happening in February?..... This year is moving along quickly! We blinked,.. and Christmas is a distant memory. Valentines Day tomorrow! If I'm honest I preferred Valentines Day when my children were little. I would make them heart shaped toast and heart shaped...

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