It’s that time of year again. The children are back to school, new uniforms, pencil case, pens, PE kit. How very smart they look, long may it last. The excitement and challenges for some who are going into a new year, different teacher or new school. We’re now two weeks in, fingers crossed all seems well!

The chilly mornings are fast approaching, setting the scene for different challenges, who wants to get out of bed when its cold! Unless there’s an incentive to do so. I find putting the heating on, pancakes for breakfast and the chance to watch 10 minutes of TV before going out the door and braving the chill helps to motivate them,… well a little maybe. Who has time to make pancakes, I hear you say? Well,… making them the night before, from left over Yorkshire pudding mix from dinner, is one way to save time and easy to heat in the morning. Believe me it is worth the investment. Not that it works everyday, but great for that Monday morning kick start.

Then there’s the September advertisements! Crikey they are only just back to school and they’re being bombarded by ideas for Christmas Argh! Oh that looks good. Oh I like that. Can I have! As parents/grandparents we are on the lookout for ideas, but really, it can get a bit much! I already have a list the length of my arm of possible maybe’s. How quickly their interests change. This can make choosing gifts a risky business. Don’t you think?! So what is the answer, well its a case of hedging you bets and hoping for the best! Having said that, as parents we know are children/young people best, don’t we!

Anyway, we have Halloween to focus on before Christmas. The costumes, the parties, ducking for apples, knocking on door. Memories of this with my children have now transferred to my grandchildren. As far as children and parents are concerned, Halloween is a blip in life on the way to bigger more exciting times. Many years ago I used to make costumes for my 3 children. Now the supermarkets are full of ideas placed to catch the eye of children. Oh I do love the adventure of Halloween, I also like dressing up for the part. Scary or what ha!

Oh I almost forgot Guy Fawkes night. Not one of my favourites, I must admit! The firework displays can be spectacular and the organised event are great. It’s the young people who some how manage to get hold of fireworks weeks before the day that concerns me. You know, the loud bangs in the street for 2 weeks before, and the lighting of fires in fields. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be a party pooper. Organised on the day is definitely to way to go. Stay safe and enjoy 🙂

For Christmas this year, I have ages from 7 months to 14 years to consider. I have decided to personalise a Christmas Eve bag for each of them. Including Christmas Dust and a Magic Key for the younger Children. Keeping an element of multi-sensory of course. Apart from keeping them busy on Christmas Eve, this will also benefit the parents. I might also consider a bag for the parents, including a stress ball 🙂

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this:)

Thank you, love and best wishes

Carol x

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