Communication is key for all learning from birth


People, parents in particular often ask me,.. ‘What can I do to help?’     

Talking to baby in the womb is a great place to start. Baby can hear from 16 weeks in the womb. They hear the voices of the people around them. They also hear other sound, including mums heart beating and her digestive system working. Baby continues to enjoy these sounds and similar after they are born. This reminds them of that secure, safe, warm place and gives them comfort. Equally, the sound of stories, songs and the television can also comfort them after birth, for the same reasons. If you’ve watched a favourite TV programme while expecting baby, don’t be surprised if they turn towards the TV after birth when they hear it start! Fascinating isn’t it?

Talking to them about anything and everything, listening, singing, reading, are all great to help support communication

Communication has many forms. 

Body language is a super way to communicate. You can tell a lot by the way a person looks, moves, stands, reacts.

Young children point to tell you what they are interested in. They also show you by how they respond to things e.g. you know your child better than anyone. You know their likes/dislikes. Favourite things to do e.g. exploring Treasure Baskets, dinosaurs, drawing, the park etc.

Sign language is a good way to communicate with young children, especially when they are still learning speech, words and meanings. Signing and using the words at the same time will reinforce sounds, words and meanings.

However, it is not always straight forward for a number of reasons.

A great tool to use with all children is a picture book. This can include every day items that are familiar to them e.g. drink, shoes, coat, sand, water, bath, bed,…..the list is endless. Even better if the book can include photographs of them, family, pets, toys, places, nursery, school, teac

hers, clothes, bed, bath etc. You get the picture…excuse the pun!

A big issue with a lot of children now (Adults too!) is understanding feelings, recognising what they are and how they feel. Pictures of different emotions, feeling are a great addition to any communication book.

To print a set of basic feelings cards follow this link 

These cards are also a great tool with adults

I hope you find them helpful.

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