New Year,…Resolutions Yes or No?

So here we are nearing the end of 2017 and heading into 2018 The tree and decorations have gone for another year.

What a crazy family Christmas, good fun and cheer had by all. Phew! Doesn’t it go by quick,…blink and you’ve missed it.

My favourite bits are watching the children open their presents. Adding to this, the smell of the tree, fire, candles, dinner, pudding. The sound of the children, crackle of the fire, crackers being pulled, knock at the door. The feel of comfort, cuddles, warmth. The taste of turkey, pudding and too much chocolate. The sight of all things that Christmas brings.

Have you got your new years resolutions sorted?

Personally, I’m at an age when I think resolutions are over rated, and who if anyone sticks with them beyond January anyway?

Positive ideas, thoughts, attitudes are what we need to help us move forward

So what do you have in mind for the new year,.. I’d like to know.

I plan to do my best to support others 🙂 with my knowledge of learning, autism, parenting etc At my age I do have lots of experience to share!

Reflecting over this year, with the start of Sensory Treasures in February and the challenges faced in starting a business, I recognise and acknowledge how far I have come. The reviews and feedback from lovely customers has been amazing. Helping me to shape the business

Thank you to all Sensory Treasures customers who have shared their experiences, thoughts and photographs. This has helped me so much.

Happy New Year to all of you and your family

Carol X

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