Crikey! It doesn’t seem like over 30 years since the arrival of our first born, then second and third!

I guess when you are absorbed in the day to day routines you don’t have time to stop and think!

Our daughter, who is also in her 30’s was taking an exam the other day. She asked if we had a calculator that she could borrow! The day before the exam!!!! Argh!!! Super prepared,. NOT

I mean who uses calculators these days!? We all have a calculator on our mobile. Right?!

Turns out that you are not allowed to take mobiles into exams, for obvious reasons!

Anyway, after some searching I found a calculator. It turns out, that this thing is 50 plus years old, hubby used it at school!!

An antique!! It even had the original batteries in it and worked! Clearly made to last.

Luckily for our daughter we were prepared, ha!! It really isn’t good to leave things until the last minute. Agreed?!

We thought it best to change the batteries, just in case! open link to calculator 

While on the subject of time and being prepared. I can’t believe how quick this year is going. July already!

Got me thinking about Christmas. I know too early right?


The summer holidays are here. Schools break up in 2 weeks. Back to school after 6 weeks, and then Christmas.

We all know ‘How Time Goes By’ and it certainly does when you’re an adult.

Check out last years Christmas blog

What will we get them?

What do they like?

Need something different?

All of the above goes through our head, even when you’re a grandma.

If the years have taught me anything,…its be more prepared, even though I know its easier aid than done!

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