Do you know your learning style?

Visual…………… Auditory……………Kinaesthetic  VAK

his wasn’t something that I was aware of when I was at school. It certainly would have made learning easier had it been acknowledged all those years ago!

Anyway, this is something that is highly recognised within learning establishments today.

We all benefit from a mix of VAK. We are sensory people.

Some more sensory dependant than others. Providing different textures or a certain colour can be key to some individuals, enabling them to focus, concentrate and think, while remaining calm.

The key is knowing what is best for yourself and others can help to support learning in a way that is unique and individual.

Whole brain learning using all our senses, especially for younger people is key and more likely to be remembered

For example, simply singing nursery rhymes while counting is more likely to be remembered with young children.

Ok so how do we find out what our preferred learning style is?

Us adults can complete a questionnaire

Great if you already know your learning style. I am a visual/kinaesthetic learning. Yes I do listen, but I learn best with a combination of seeing, listening and doing.  For me I find it really difficult to retain information by listening only. In fact, I’m not great at reading instructions either! I’m the one that has a nut or bolt left over when assembling kits!!

What about young children? The best way is to observe what they do, what they like/dislike, how they play. Children have a huge advantage as they explore, discover, and learn through different experiences.

Supporting individual learning from an early age is so important for building a foundation for future learning

Multi-sensory experiences involving what they see, hear, touch, smell, taste, enables children to explore, discover, and learn in their own unique way. supporting them to develop their preferred learning style.


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