Messy Sensory Ideas

Who remember playing in the mud as a child? This was just great fun, keeping us entertained for hours at a time. Little did we realise at the time, but we were learning across the curriculum areas.
Mixing the soil with water until we managed to get it to the right consistency for the task in mind. Too much water and it became runny, good if you wanted a it to flow, but not great for moulding into shape. Sometimes it took team work to get it the way we wanted.

My children used to enjoy experimenting with mud and being creative. One day I discovered where all my cutlery was going!

Argh! Yuk! I can hear you say. This is great messy sensory play, and so beneficial for learning.

Mixing the soil with water, sand, stones, twigs etc and watching it change an develop is all science. Much the same process for baking, which is another great sensory experience to try.

Shaping and making moulds, patterns, roads etc develops maths skills and creativity.

Making marks and tracks is writing and literacy.

Working together with friends helps to develop social skill, listening, and team work.

Working things out, takes concentration, focus, and thinking.

Mixing, pouring, lifting, moving. carrying, all of this helps to develop physical skills.

You can see where this is going, and how beneficial it is for all round learning and development.

If this is not appealing to you, children can have the same sensory experience with sand, either at the beach or in the garden. Even better add flour and oil to the sand.(Be brave and let the children mix it) It gives it a great texture and it is better for moulding.

Other Messy Sensory Play Ideas:

*Gloop-Corn flour and water (You really need to try this, its amazing)
*Baked beans, either on a tray or in a paddling pool
*Jelly, either on a tray, large bowl or paddling pool
*Spaghetti-cook until it moved, but not too soft, add cooking oil to it and allow to cool before use. (Add natural food colouring to the water when the spaghetti is cooking, if you want it to be coloured)
*Paint in a paddling pool, large piece of card, or roll of paper. Great to experiment with different colours.
*Yogurt-great for mark making and tasty too

The great thing about this time of year is doing all of this in the garden. Have fun and enjoy. I guarantee the children will. And great from just a few months old.

Our grandson Alexander just loves exploring with paint. Check out the photos below.

Watch this space for more sensory ideas.

Carol 🙂

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