How amazing is it when you become a mum?

That little bundle, brings so much love, you could never have imagined the feeling when you held baby for the first time.

It’s hard work becoming a parent. All babies are unique and individual. There is no handbook for you baby or anyone else’s!

The first 3 months are a real struggle, as you and baby build a relationship and get to know each other. It does become more manageable as time goes on. You notice I don’t say easy?!

Baby is as new to this as you are! They adapt to the world in their own unique way.

The day that you get dressed and step outside the door for the first time after baby being born, is like being set free. Then the nagging doubt sets in,…have I remembered the nappies, did I bring enough clothes, do I have enough feed? Argh!

Baby steps!

Then the day comes when you and baby venue a bit further. Yay

The local centre has a sensory session. You don’t know what it is or who will be there, but your health visitor suggests giving it a go as other parents go with their baby and it comes recommended.

You make an effort and prepare everything the night before, well in your head you do!

You arrive at the centre, lots of prams lined up outside, this must be the right place. You’re greeted by the leader of the session. Welcoming you and baby, and congratulating you on getting there before the end of the session.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, you wish you’d known about it earlier. What amazing support from other parents. Its really helpful, sharing information, ideas and just talking to another adult. The sensory session has lots to stimulate baby, lights, sounds, textures. Things to explore and discover. By the end of the session baby is worn out with all this stimulation and he/she sleeps for hours. Processing all the information gained.

You’re beginning to get used this role and everything about it, sleepless nights, first smile, tooth, sitting, crawling, walking, talking.


It’s time to return to work!

Panic sets in,….

How do you leave this amazing bundle with anyone else?

This can be one of the hardest decisions that you ever make as a parent. 

Believe me this is one of many. I remember this, then the first day at school, college, university, then the ultimate,…flying the nest 🙁

Enough about me!

You have probably been thinking about this moment for months, beating yourself up, worrying.

What is best,…baby day care, a childminder, children’s nursery?

The fact is whatever you decide your baby will quickly adapt to the environment, the people and the routine. On the other hand it will take you a little longer.

Ofsted regulations, inspections ensure that whatever form of childcare that you choose is kept to a standard. Yes there are varying degrees, including good, very good and outstanding. This will be available to check.

All early childcare  practitioners follow the EYFS curriculum as set out by the Government. This is also monitored by Ofsted.

They enable child-led learning by providing heuristic play opportunities, such as Treasure Baskets themes. Just a few examples.

Think of the amazing fun they will have, exploring different environments, people, themes. Socialising with other adults and children.

This experience will prepare them for the next,…nursery, school, and so on.

Feel reassured that your baby/child will be having so much fun. They will feel secure in the fact that you will return and take them home at the end of the day.

I hope that this has helped, maybe a little?

So the journey continues,…….

Been there and thinking of you all

Carol X

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