Sharing Sensory Experiences & Ideas             9th October 2017 Wow isn’t it a juggling act being a parent, having numerous hats? All of you parent out there will be able to relate to this and the challenges involved. Recently, I attended an event organised by a group called Stronger Together, South Tyneside. The purpose of the event was to provide information for families struggling with issues in relation to Autism. I met some amazing inspirational parents and carers. We shed a few tears together a we talked about experiences that we encounter as parents. Don’t we all as parents beat ourselves up regularly?! In my experience, I don’t know a parent who doesn’t do this. We all question what we do/did. More so if we have a child on the spectrum or recognised as being different. I find this difficult to understand in today’s society. A time when we acknowledge individuality! So many families are struggling to get appointments, assessments, resources, support? This event ‘Stronger Together’  provided families with access to information, support and advice from a number of organisations.  Considering all families, our children are unique individuals. Those with more than one child, will relate to this,… what works with one child does not necessarily work with another. Right?! This is to be acknowledged, respected and celebrated. YAY! Find something that your child is interested in and you will find a happy child. What do I mean by this? Well for example, a child who is interested in Minion, trains, cars, fidgets. Put them together in a personal drawstring bag, as if by magic, this 7 year old sat in a restaurant with his bag, without having a melt down, panic, sensory overload. The pack is designed specifically for J, with all the thing that are important to him. This gave J focus, supported concentration, thinking and enabled him to be included in a family trip out without any feelings of stress or anxiety. ‘I couldn’t believe how he sat in the restaurant and had a meal, with his bag close by’ Thank you so much, I will be ordering again. The Autistic adult at 21 year old, who focuses his attention on shredding string, rope, ribbons.  ‘This is brilliant, he spent a long time on the gift wrapping and then even longer on the gift basket’ 1 happy parent, thank you 🙂 ‘Sensory exploration is so important for all children from birth. We experience so much through using all our senses. Learning is built on multi-sensory experience’. I am a parent to 3 children, now adults, I have 3 grandchildren aged 6 month, 1 year and 9 years. I also have 27 years experience in education and health. I supply bespoke packs for individual use. To suit age, interest and cost. I enjoy supporting families, children, teens and adults. Find out more: Contact me for a chat Best Wishes Carol x   

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