Stimulating Baby at Home

I think I’m safe in saying… there has never been a stranger time than now in 2021!

Over the period of the last year new parents are finding it more challenging than ever.

Baby groups have been cancelled, not able to see family and friends.

Support networks via zoom. If you’re lucky!

Nowhere near the same as attending a baby group. However, I would like to share some ideas about stimulating baby at home. As we can all agree, a happy stimulated baby equals happy parents.

Stimulating Baby at Home – Your Voice

Baby loves to hear your voice and see your face. New babies see 15-18cm when born, so its important to hold them close. In the first few week’s baby is adapting to being outside the womb. Reassure them by:

  • Talking
  • Singing
  • Reading

After a few weeks baby is ready for more sensory stimulation:

  • Massage
  • Floor time
  • Sensory packs

Baby Massage

Massage can be relaxing for both baby and parents. Using natural oil start by massaging baby’s legs, then arms, tummy, back and face.

Floor time enables baby to stretch their arms and legs.

Sensory packs are available from birth. Baby relies on their senses to find out about the world around them. Their senses are fine tuned for survival as the recognise:

  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Sound
  • Sight

By stimulating baby’s senses, you are helping to build the foundation for future learning. The smell of mum is the most important smell in the early days.

Stimulating Baby at home

Baby loves to look at faces. They look for reassurance in facial expressions.

The sound of a heart beating can help reassure and calm baby, especially in the early days.

Touch helps to reassure, calm and soothe baby. The taste of the feed is also comforting.

All of these sensations combined help to reinforce learning.

 Stimulating Baby at Home | Sensory Treasure Packs

It has been a testing time for many during 2020-2021!

Sensory Treasures

New born Sensory Treasure Packs offer stimulation from birth.

They come with a leaflet, containing information and suggested ideas for use.

Providing ideas, fun and learning for both baby and parents/carers, through sensory stimulation.

Baby’s vision is still developing at birth.

15-18cm is approximately the distance between their face and yours when feeding.

They focus on bold black and white patterns to help strengthen and develop their vision.

Red is the next colour of interest around the age of approximately 3 months.

As Baby Grows

As baby grows and develops, the older packs provide more opportunities to explore, discover and learn.

Baby will have their own unique way of learning.

Exploring loose part and items found around the house can be more stimulating than expensive plastic toys. Originally introduced in Italy the Montessori theory (1897) in now practiced in early year settings throughout the UK.

You can find more information about loose parts and treasure baskets in the sensory learning section.

Happy stimulating baby learning at home

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