Have you noticed!

More and more young children are chewing their sleeves?

Has this replaced nail biting or is it a well as in some cases?

I am finding that more and more parents are asking about an alternative to chewing clothes

Our grandson chews the neck of his tops! When I asked him why he does this? He told me that he does it when he thinks, when he is worried and nervous in class:(

We have tried a number of alternatives, which do work for some children. However, our grandson says he likes to taste of his clothes.

Just a few examples of chews available now…………..




This got me thinking!

What about a cotton neck-a-chief that is the same colour a the uniform? Would he wear it? I ask!

Alternatively, to be more discrete, would a piece of material sewn into or attached using Velcro inside of the sweat shirt work better? Watch this space!

I am finding more and more parents are saying that finding the right chew can be difficult, not to mention expensive. In addition, finding the right fidget can also be difficult and an expense. It can be trial and error finding the right chews and fidgets. I create packs especially for age, interests and individual need. They come in either a cotton drawstring bag, great for storing and transporting or basket. Tailored specifically:)




I am working on this

Watch out for the next instalment

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