Anxiety, stress and sensory issues can impact on well-being at any age.

More children are experiencing anxiety, stress, sensory issues, meltdowns. However, you describe it, its happening and more noticeable at home and in schools. This is impacting on children’s well-being.

More and more young children are chewing their sleeves. This could be down to anxiety, habit or both.

Individuals express anxiety in different ways e.g. nail biting, chewing clothes/items, fidgeting.

Emotional well-being is key for children, helping them reach their potential.

I am finding that more and more parents are asking about anxiety and chewing clothes.

Our grandson suffers from anxiety. He chews the neck of his tops! When I asked him why he does this? He told me that he does it when he thinks, when he is worried and nervous in class:( This clearly is an issue that is impacting on his well-being, not to mention his clothes. The holes in his clothes is making the issue worse!

Finding an alternative chew/fidget to help with anxiety can be challenging!

Just a few examples of chews available now…………..

I am finding more and more parents are saying that finding the right chew to help with anxiety, can be difficult, not to mention expensive.  It can be trial and error finding the right chews and fidgets.

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