What’s Happening in February?…..

This year is moving along quickly! We blinked,.. and Christmas is a distant memory.
Valentines Day tomorrow! If I’m honest I preferred Valentines Day when my children were little. I would make them heart shaped toast and heart shaped sandwiches, using a cutter. I even used to put heart shaped sandwiches in their packed lunch for school. This had to stop when they got older and embarrassed! Hee hee! Such fun though <3 <3 <3

Valentines can be fun at any age. Babies enjoy the colour red from around 3 months when they begin to focus. The wooden ladybird shakers, scarves, maracas, and red treasures have been popular in groups.
We all like a surprise anytime of the year,… check out these love bugs,… so cute,….
Items in containers, support fine motor skills, co-ordination, concentration, thinking and learning in lots of ways. The sound that they make when banging and shaking, supports listening skills and language development.
 Older children also benefit from items to support focus, concentration, listening, thinking and learning.
We all fidget when we think. Although, we don’t always realise that we are,…. twiddling the zip on our coat or bag, twisting or running our fingers through our hair, doodling with a pen on paper, linking paperclips. Chewing gum. All fidgeting!
It is important to find what works for individuals. After all we are all different, right!
This pack of fidgets was put together after some discussion with his mum. He is 8 years old, and often needs to take time at when he is in the classroom. Fortunately, his teacher recognised the benefits of supporting him with this. J takes the pack into school and uses it at home.
The torch and light ball is great for using in his dark tent at home. Where he goes when he needs space and time to think.
The timer has proved valuable for helping J to focus and recognise how long he has been in time out. (5 minute timer)
These are specific to J’s requirements.
It is important to think about what they like or dislike. In order for it to work for them.
J doesn’t like the colour red! This was important to know. As it can have the opposite effect to calm. He does however, love the colour green. His favourite colour.
“J loves his pack, he’s not put it down, and cant believe that it’s in his favourite colour”. S.S.
Easter is fast approaching!
Happy February to you all
Carol X


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